Sheaffer PFM

The Sheaffer Pen For Men (PFM) was promoted to the trade in Australia as "Recognising the need for a manly pen, that fits a man's grip as comfortably as a golf club. Here's everything a man wants - clean snorkel filling, smooth easy writing, distinctive hand - ground inlaid writing point, and above all that feeling that here is a pen just for him!" It's hard to imagine any pen company going with that sexist line today, imagine the outcry.

If you think that the PFM name was politically incorrect by today’s standards, imagine a company promoting the same with a packet of cigarettes. This packet of “PFM” cigarettes was seen at the home of a retired Sheaffer executive in Fort Madison. Rumour has it that this obviously “non- smoker” has a whole carton of them!




Sheaffer's marketing of the PFM may be the reason that this pen is reasonably hard to find today, and therefore collectable. The pens have superb nibs with good balance and have an enthusiastic following amongst both users and collectors.